Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bike Fork Photos

Hey everyone!

Not sure who's still reading this...but I did promise that I would put some additional pictures up, so I'm here to deliver on that!

Here are two pictures of my bike fork.

You can see it bent slightly to the left.

The top part of the fork is not supposed to be bent at this angle - it should be more of a straight, gradual line. Oops!

Here's a picture taken in Forsyth Park, in Savannah...Such beautiful live oaks! One of the last photos I got before my camera broke!

Margaret and I have talked recently and been typing up haikus and other musings from the road which we hope to eventually put in a finished document of sorts. We also hope to see each other for New Years. The trip had a bit of an abrupt end so it will be great to reunite! Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy 2010 to all!

Love, Emily

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  1. Dear Emily, This is Karen Yannetti from south carolina. I am so sorry that you got hurt, but i am glad you are doing well now. Bob and I keep up with your blog and realy enjoy it. I hope that Maregaret is well also. Hope santa was good to both of you. Are you ever going to do a trip again. Hope you keep in touch. We loved having both of you. sincerly karen