Monday, August 10, 2009

A Word on Shelter

Hey all!

We are taking a tent and camping gear, and we do plan to camp along our journey. We have also signed up for, a website for cyclists and cycling-friendly people offering or in need of exactly what the name implies...a warm shower! Emily just hosted a cyclist from Buffalo for two nights from this connection, so hopefully she built up a bit o' karma for her trip!

In addition to these two options, we're also hoping to stay with various contacts along the way that we know personally, or that friends and family have connected us with either before or along our trip. Our tentative route (bare bones with major check-in points) follows. If you know of anyone along the way that may be willing to offer us a yard to camp in, a warm shower, a place to store our gear, some sightseeing, or anything else, please do let us know! We are flexible in terms of where we go in between; the following is a list of dots that we want to connect. Thanks!

Start: Burlington, VT September 13
Saratoga Springs, NY
Albany, NY
Southeastern PA
Baltimore & DC area
Shenendoah National Park region (start of Blue Ridge Highway)
Southwestern North Carolina (end of Blue Ridge)
Johnson City, NC
Asheville, NC
Congaree National Park, SC
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Jacksonville, FL
Finish: New Orleans, LA December 16 return home!