Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre Turkey Day

Hello all!

A bit of a revision to the last post...we did not continue on to New Orleans and fly home from there. Though the details are blurry, I'm told I was eating absurd amounts of food, sleeping lots, and not really making much sense. So, after another visit to the ER for a Catscan in Tallahassee, we instead flew to Manchester, NH late on the night of Sunday the 15th. Margaret went back to St. Johsnbury, VT with her folks, and I returned to Scarborough, ME, with mine. This past week I continued to eat like it was my job, sleep about 16 to 18 hours a day, not make a lot of sense, and not remember many things. But just in the past two days, I finally feel like myself again! Hallelujah.

So, much to my disappointment, we did not make it to our end destination, and therefore will not be posting pictures of the Big Easy...but we had a hell of a time on the way there! Maybe someday we'll make it there together. I am so thankful for Ken Middleton, the paramedic who helped us out, Mike McDonald, and Margaret. Thanks to them I got home in one piece!

There is at least one thing to stay tuned for - when I get my act together some more I will post a picture of my bent bike fork, and maybe some more pictures from the trip! But for now, Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Love, Emily


  1. Speedy recovery and a happy Thanksgiving Emily.

  2. Emily,

    I'm glad that you made it back home safely. Too bad that you were not able to make it to the Big Easy on your own power. Sounds like you had a mild concussion. I have personal experience with that and it's not fun. You will get better. It will just take time. I am glad that there were people available to help you out.

    Can't leave Margaret out. Just think of all of the good times that you had while on the road. It seems that there might be more bicycle adventures for the two of you in the future.

  3. I hope your feeling better!


  4. Thanks for sharing your adventure. It seems like you both savored every moment and really got to experience the people, sights, food and fun along the way. Emily - best wishes for your recovery.

    Julie in Idaho (aka Spudslug)